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Sum-Sum Summer Time!

forever summerIt’s Summer time! No bells! No “kids” roaming here and there. No rushing! No structure. No “behavior modification” needs! No grades! No reports! No paperwork! No! No! No! Isn’t it grand!

It is sleeping in! Staying up late. Extra cup of coffee. Morning newspaper. Laying out in the sun. Doing as you want. Go potty when you want! Smiling and laughing without fear of repercussions. Reading. Relaxation. Ah! Summer!

“Summer is also a good time to prepare!” Says I.

“PREPARE?!!” Says you!

“You got time and no pressure.” Says I.

“No way!” Says you.

“Okay! But there are things you can do that will improve you teaching and ….” Says I.

“Teaching! Yuck! It’s summer!” “Says you.

“Sorry! But good teachers balance summer chill with rethinking or active planning or learning something new.” Says I.

“Really?” Says you. “Right!”

Teachers find the summer a great time to do some rethinking and new thinking. There is no pressure to “get it done!” Travel, take a course, read a book, design a new unit, revise things that did not work- You exercise the right to do as you will. You can work at your pace. You can sup coffee or a cocktail. You stop when you want. You can work as long or as short as you wish. You control your time!

Some teachers unfortunately must work during the summer. I have taught summer school (yuck – double yuck!). I developed curriculum (Not bad). Worked with others on a committee to develop philosophy, handbook, disciplinary policy, etc. Jobs outside teaching are good! I have worked as a summer naturalist (somewhat like teaching). I worked in a hospital business office. I worked as an advocate in the state’s Attorney General’s Office (really cool!). I worked as a wilderness guide in the BWCA out of Ely, Minnesota (mellow)! A friend of mine was Mr. Twinkle one summer. He was so good, he was invited back. I finally reached a point where I made enough money during the year to enjoy the summer. It was at this point that I actually began to have the time to think about teaching- the why and how.

What are you doing for the summer? Above all be sure to get away from “teacher routine” or “school routine.” Summer is the time to refresh so that when you return to the classroom, you will be fresh! What is the fastest time of the year- SUMMER! So don’t spend all summer thinking of what to do- do it!


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