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explorer shipRalph Waldo Emerson said it:

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

Home or School. All is in place. Routines are set. Classroom management plans are intact. The year trudges on. October is a great month! For teachers its the month of bees! This is a good month to test the classroom management plan.

Teachers have scoured the internet for plans and ideas for the month. Here are some ideas that may be of some use.

October is a month for exploration.

It’s Walk to school” Month
• “No Child Left Inside” is the theme
• Great opportunity for Physical Exercise- Walking as a leisure activity.
• Tie in with nature (observe change in leaves, birds, insects, collect leaves).
• Good reason to rationalize escape from NCLB drudgery and allow a little fun.
• Check out website: http://www.iwalktoschool.org/Earth

October 5-11 Fire Prevention Week
• Change your batteries
• Fire drills

October 12-18 Earth Science Week
This site had ideas and lesson and activities

Columbus Day opens the idea of Exploration
• Social Studies projects galore this month
• List of explorers provide research opportunities for older aged pupils
Columbus, Erickson, DaGama, Magellian, Baboa, etc
• Geography (a loss elementary topic)
• Space and the ocean floor are the last frontiers to be explored. At least right now!

Great Science opportunities
• Autumnal Equinox, Change in leaf color, deciduous trees losing leaves, weather changes, bird migration, animal hibernation, etc

Baseball playoffs and World series
• Provide Physical education lessons
• Math: computing batting averages, ERA’s, and a host of other statistics

• What great prospects for art and geometry in math.
• Reading and writing tales of horror.

There were six US presidents born this month. Great topics for group research work.
• John Adams
• Theodore Roosevelt
• Dwight Eisenhower
• Chester Arthur
• Rutherford Hayes
• James Carter

Do you know
…. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1798? Abraham Lincoln changed Thanksgiving Day in 1863 to the fourth Thursday of November where it has been celebrated since.
…. The first World Series was played on October 1, 1903. Boston won the series.
…. Orson Welles created a panic with his radio broadcast of World of Wars.

Interesting questions for October:

Did Leif Erickson discover America before Columbus?
What was the uses for Stonehedge?
What causes leaves to change color?

Sites to explore this month

J http://dww.ed.gov/index.cfm
J http://www.classroommanagement101.com/?hop=chaunna1


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