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Quote of Month: barackandlincoln

“… we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.” President Barrack Obama, First Inaugural Address.

This Month’s Theme:

In this year of new hope, the election of a new President zooms to the forefront. Valentines and President’s Day are the two major holidays of the month. This is also Black History Month. What a great opportunity to bring the relevancy into the classroom. It is a newly elected President taking office. He is an African American with roots that extend to Africa and Ireland or England. Every four years (two years if you count the Congress) an American revolution happens. Without the shedding of blood, a new regime takes over control of our government. American can show their satisfaction at the ballot box. This year American has chosen an African American to lead our ship. This Month’s Theme calls for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts.

Teacher Trash Talk:

I hate February. It is the shortest month but it seems to go on forever. The road ahead seems so long. Spring break is still away off and Summer vacation is not even a glimmer on the horizon. In the Northern states, it cold and snowy. There’s the dreaded Valentine’s party! Candy and cake and kids making a mess. Kids are tired and they don’t want to do anything but grumble and complain. Forget homework. The days seem dark and gloomy. The kids are getting on the teacher’s nerves and on each other’s nerves. All I want to do is scream!

It just seems that bad! Think positive. Spring is almost here! This is a good month to move your teaching plan along. There few interruptions from the return in January until the spring break in March or April. This provides the opportunity to do long term learning projects. Its a great time to try out some integrated lessons if you have not tried any. The flow of lesson development is great during these few months. After the days begin to warm, the learning curve will begin to dip.

It is a good time for teachers to plan Spring adventures or Summer plans. It is important to avoid burnout at this point. Do some fun activities in school to help keep everyone focused and relaxed.


This Month’s Events:

  • Valentines Day (February 14)
  • Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12
  • Washington’s Birthday (February 22)
  • President’s day is the third Monday of the Month (usually a school Holiday)
  • Mardi Gras (varies – February or March)
  • February 4, 1902 Charles Lindbergh
  • February 6, 1895 George Herman “Babe” Ruth
  • February 7, 1812- Charles Dickens
  • February 9, 1773- William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. President (1841)
  • February 11, 1847- Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the light bulb
  • February 12, 1809 – Abraham “Abe” Lincoln, 16th U.S. President (1861-1865)
  • February 22, 1732 – George Washington, 1st U.S. President (1789-1797)

Subject Matter Topics

Magnificent Social Studies Adventures

Four Presidents were born

>William Henry Harrison
>Abraham “Abe” Lincoln (Bicentennial)
>George Washington
>Ronald Reagan

Queen Elizabeth II succeeded her Father George VI in 1952
First Public School in America opens
>Boston Latin School (1635)

Great Science Investigations
Great Astronomers
>Galileo Galilei
>Nicolaus Copernicus
§ First Woman Doctor to open practice in US
>Elizabeth Blackwell
§ Biology
>Charles Darwin

Language Arts
§ James Joyce
§ Charles Dickens
§ Sinclair Lewis
§ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Fine Arts
§ Two great painters were born this month:
>Grant Wood
>Norman Rockwell
rockwell kids

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