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Quote of Month:
Richard M. Nixon: “Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”
This Month’s Theme: Spring and Diversity
Teacher Trash Talk:

Spring is always a great time. Fresh air and warm days! The sun is noticeably warmer. The spirit seems to be lifted. The gloom of January and February get blown away by the winds of March. The winds are the result of increased heating over cooler surfaces. “You gotta take the batter with the gooder!” Spring is in March or Awaits very soon in April. Many teachers look to travel during spring break! It is a great time!

The good side always has to have a tails side. With the first warm breezes of Spring comes the dreams of vacation, summer, warm days, picnics, and all those other things that usually offsets the hard work of school work. It’s “spring fever.” Teachers and students suffer.

It’s a good time to remember the basic rule of good teaching: Relevancy! Incorporate the conditions to your favor. Outdoor activities, such as collecting weather data, preparing a garden patch or even helping pick up the school campus area, are good reasons to take the pupils outside. Use what you do outside to incorporate what you do inside. Use weather data to make weather predictions. Create maps of garden patches or even the school campus. Organize into groups to do projects. Competition can have negative results but friendly competition is a good learning experience. Life is completive.
This Month’s Events

1-Congress authorized the creation of Yellow stone National Park, 1872

3-Star Spangled Banner adopted as National Anthem of the United States, 1931

5-The Boston Massacre took place, 1770

7-Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his telephone, 1876

11-Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone call, 1876

14-Physicist Albert Einstein was born in Ulf, Germany, 1879

15-Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of nobles that included Brutus and Cassis, 44 B.C.

15-President Andrew Jackson was born, 1767

16-President James Madison was born, 1751

17-So Trick’s Day

18-President Grover Cleveland was born, 1837

27-First long distance telephone call made from Boston to New York, 1884

29-President John Tyler was born, 1790
Magnificent Social Studies Adventures

§ Reports on Presidents

§ Effects of The Telephone on Society

§ The Boston Massacre

§ The Star Span gel Banner

§ Julius Caesar

§ Conservation of natural resources (Yellow stone was established in 1872)

§ Society is a diverse mixture of cultures and peoples. (Everyone is Irish on So Pat’s Day)!
Great Science Investigations

§ Spring = Vernal Equinox

§ The “Tin Can” Telephone

§ E=mace

§ New ton’s Law of Motion

§ Weather projects are good (Wind measurement)
Monthly Math
§ Solving Equations

§ Einstein who corrected New ton’s work was born in 1879 and Newton died this month 1n 1727
Language Arts
§ “My Fair Lady” opened on stage in 1956 based on George Barnard Shaw’s Pygmalion

§ Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born in 1806

§ Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter published in 1850
Fine Arts

§ Broadway musicals My Fair Lady and Oklahoma opened

§ Johanna Sebastian Bach born in 1685

§ Art Project: Create own Monster (King Kong opened in 1933)

§ Create a kite to fly
Do you know… That each of us has an ancestry that becomes closer to each other as we trace our heritage back? It is amazing to discover who are related to as the doors of genetic roots are explored. (Make up a family tree that relates to people that you admire In history.)
Questions That hunt Answers: Who are You? Who am I? (Communication is a key to social relations. Part of a curriculum must address the social skills. Tolerance and acceptance comes with understanding which depends upon communication. Use the two questions of the month to have students randomly talk (diad) and interview each other. As pupils age, it is more difficult to talk about yourself. Begin with an activity that make them create an ancestry. I am… Ford, Dodge, Toyota, etc.. Or I am an tiger, snail, jellyfish.. It’s spring so make it fun)!

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