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“It ain’t over till it’s over.” — Yogi Berra



Like any good teaching lesson, there needs to be an end. The end lets the teacher and pupil know it’s over. Soon it will be time to evaluate the year’s teaching efforts.

Close! It has been a long journey. Now its near its finish. As with any trip, there were good moments and disappointing ones. Hopefully, this year’s adventure will be a memorable one. Some years are quickly put aside while others are years to relish. It’s a little early to appraise this year.

The voyage is not over. It is near an end but a good excursion needs a conclusion. May is the month to tie up loose ends and bring projects to an end. Summary and closing are the focus for activities for this month.

If the teacher is rushing to finish the curriculum, there is a problem. Next year, this teacher needs to review where the program fell apart. There are a number of reasons for failure to complete the curricular content. In too many cases, the curriculum needs a revision. Inexperienced teachers and some veterans become frustrated when the fault lies with the curriculum. Of course there are times that the teacher bears responsibility. Too much wasted hours watching videos or going off on irrelevant tangents can leave time short in May. There are times where the class needed more than usually reinforcement activities. Whatever the case, trying to cramp the last material into this time of year is fruitless. Pupils are not open to be cramped with any more. They are ready for the closing activities.

Mother’s Day activities fill many great creative activities. If you did plant the marigolds, now it’s payoff time. Suggest that the student’s bring in a cup or glass. (If its allowed, have kids chip in and buy a bunch of plain cups). Whatever, use the container and have the kids decorate the container. (This even works with secondary biology students).

Magnificent Social Studies Adventures
§ The first post card was issued in 1873. Do your pupils know what a post card is? Most will recognize an advertising piece of junk mail. Post cards also are collected as evidence of adventures on vacations. Less popular today as years ago but still a fun geography activity. Gather post cards from as many locations as possible and mark it on a world map.
§ The Empire State Building opened, 1931
>>What other tall building are there? What is the tallest today?
§ Captain John Smith landed at Jamestown, 1607
>>Pocahontas and the first settlement in new world.
>>What’s the true story?
§ The only Presidents born this month is Harry S. Truman on May 9, 1884 and John F. Kennedy on May 29, 1917.

Great Science Investigations
§ On May 14, Lewis & Clark’s expedition began in 1804. Observations of nature. Exploration as a adventure in science.

Monthly Math
§ Too late to begin something new! Review and piece together the material studied. A glimpse into how this year’s learning will carry them into the next year.

Language Arts
§ The yearbook project
>>What a great idea! Use this collaborate project to create an end of the year “yearbook.” Pictures, cartoons, stories, math, science, social studies and physical education events can be relived. The use of fine arts and language arts are incorporated into this creative fun end of the year culmination activity.

Fine Arts
§ First United States newspaper cartoon published in Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette in1754
§ Draw a cartoon or a good collaboration project. Especially as part of the “yearbook” project.

Physical Education
§ Babe Ruth hit his first and last home run in May (1915 and 1935). Great time to review baseball rules and even play a game outside. (Permission slips needed).

Do you know…earthrise

This is International Year of Astronomy 2009

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