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Ladybug! Ladybug!

Great Projects for Great Teachers


Ladybug! Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.
All except one,
And that’s little Ann,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

Ears to the ground and eyes on the horizon! Every quality teacher is in constant search for the new experience to bring into their classroom. Extraordinary teachers go beyond the textbook and find relevant activities that stimulate their pupils to learn. You must be an extraordinary quality teacher (EQT) because you are here! You are searching to become a better teacher. You are interested in creating a classroom environment that is special!

In case you missed it! This is worth exploring:

Ladybugs are tiny fascinating creatures that offer an opportunity to open a door to learning.

Can you ask for more?

This project is adaptable to every grade level. It can be integrated with math, science, and civics (Ohh! That’s an old word!).

Inventive elementary teachers can even incorporate art and music into the adventure.

This is well worth the look. Give it some thought.

New approaches and ideas are always good!

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Think FUN This Year!

back to schoolBack to school! Summer is over! Labor Day has come and soon is gone. Its time to dig in and start the battle. It’s a new beginning for most but an increasing number of schools are year-round. September is always a good time for new beginnings. It’s a time to revise approaches and attitudes. Each fall teachers plant a field of learning. Teachers prepare the seeds to germinate and plan activities over the year to help these seeds of learning to grow and bear fruit.

This year teach! Have fun teaching! Let kids be kids! Allow them to learn! Learn in their way! Know that the learning at the next harvest will leave pupils a better person. Plan to do this now. NCLB has a tremendous influence in the classroom. In some cases it has become a poisonous cloud that diminishes the positive learning experiences. Plan to have some fun in learning. It is contagious and kids catch it!

Can you imagine a world without books? The knowledge and adventures offered in books provide all of us learning, entertainment and fulfillment. As this year begins, help your “seedlings” discover the joy of reading and the wealth that books hold. NCLB offers no means of measuring this vital aspect to education!

The beginning of an “appreciate a book year” is to get a library card! This is

Library Card Sign-up Month

Consider a field trip to the local library or school library. Assist each child to get a library card. Check out this site:

American Library Association

Have fun and share a little learning today!

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